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The jewelry manufactured and commercialized by Carla Brillanti has a 1 year warranty with the condition that the jewelry are used and kept according to the instructions given below.
The warranty given by Carla Brillanti covers any defect of the material or fabrication defect.
When your order is confirmed you will receive in an email the Waranty Certificate together with the Receipe/Invoice.
The 1 Year will start from the moment you will received the goods.
Instructions and useful information
Keep the jewelry separately in the original package or in special jewelry boxes to avoid rubbing with or hitting other materials or metals. To keep the original shine of the product, we recommend wiping the surfaces after each wear with a soft, dry and absorbent cloth (preferably cotton).
Avoid all contact of the jewelry with inflammable materials and/or solvents (perfume, nail polish, acetone, gasoline, Diesel fuel etc.), corrosive materials and substances (mercury, perhydrol, sulphur, acids etc.) and also abrasive ones.
Also, jewelry are to be kept in dry spaces far away from the kitchen, bathroom or shower to avoid their contact with humidity and heat and to keep them away from children and pets.The direct exposure of the jewelry to heat sources like open fire, boiling water, sauna or hot air devices (hand blowers, hair dryers) is not advised.
To avoid the changing of color, the coming off of the stones and the damaging of the surface coating, taking off the jewelry is advised before going to bed and taking a bath, washing the dishes or other similar activities where the jewelry can come into contact with water, detergents, cosmetics and chemical products.
The heavy wetting with water, acetone or other liquids can lead to the coming off of the stones. Also, do not use perfumes or hairspray near the jewelry. Do not cram all of the jewelry in a box, keep them separately.
Do not wear the jewelry during intense physical activities or which cause heavy sweating, so as to avoid the scratching of the surface coating, the coming off of the parts or of the surface coating of the jewelry.
The wearing of the jewelry after at least 15 minutes from applying body cosmetics (cream and body lotion, perfume, spray deodorant, hairspray, skin foundation etc.) is recommended so as to avoid smears of any of these products, thus avoiding the temporary or permanent loss of the natural shine of the jewelry.
Modifying, adding or cutting parts of the jewelry and exaggerate stretching of the jewelry are to be avoided. The proper care and keeping of the product in appropriate conditions will ensure the shine and beauty of it through time.
The warranty does not cover
Not following the instructions of use presented above.
The crystals are consumable goods and, according to the law, the crystal does not have a warranty. The warranty is not offered for chipped, scratched or damaged crystals.
The jewelry which present obvious signs of heavy wear and tear, inappropriate use or any sign which suggests that the damage was caused by anything other than a fabrication problem.
Any damage, irrespective of the part of the jewelry, caused by abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, carelessness, accidents (hits, impacts, broken stones, natural disasters, theft, losses), inappropriate use of the jewelry and not respecting the instructions of use given by the manufacturer or supplier.
To benefit the warranty of the product, keep the documents which accompany it, respectively the receipt or/and certificate of warranty. The warranty is not given in the situation in which the jewelry is returned without at least one of the two documents.
You have the obligation to properly pack the product when you return it to us.
The transport costs will not be discounted, they will be paid by the customer.
You can contact us by phone or e-mail and then send the product at the address mentioned here.
Carla Brillanti is an official Swarovski branding partner and has the obligation to use exclusively Swarovski crystals in all the jewelry made in the own workshop and also have the right to use the phrase CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  next to the Carla Brillanti brand.
Each piece of jewelry made under the Carla Brillanti brand is delivered in its own box or pouch together with the 2 year certificate of warranty and the tag inscribed with the “Made with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI” logo on one side and the number of the branding contract on the other side.
The tag serves as a certificate of origin for the crystals, a visual identity of the CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI with a worldwide validity. The tag made out of crème and pearly cardboard warrantys that the jewelry is accompanies has original Swarovski crystals and that the jewelry is made under trademark.
Post warranty
We ensure free repair/restoration service during the 1 year of warranty.
After the 1 year, we ensure the repair/ restoration of the product, meaning bringing it in the condition similar to a new product, for a fee.
We offer accordingly the following services:
- restoring the original shine through cleaning the jewelry;
- welding the broken metal parts;
- restoration or replacing of the damaged metal parts;
- gluing the stones/crystals and of course replacing them if they have been lost;
- total recoating of the jewelry because of the surface damages due to repairing or wear and tear during intensive wear;
- replacing the stones damaged by accident.